Sunday, February 26, 2006

World's Worst Wastrel "W"

The unmitigated gall of this man. He acts as if he owns the place. No if he and all his rich friends own the place and he is damn well going to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and no one can stop him. He doesn't think he has to answer to anyone at all including his cronies in Congress. He will wiretap without a warrant. He will tell the American People the lie that he has a right to do it and damn anyone that may question that. He will decide to have the UAE guard our ports, even though this is a country that two of the 911 terrorists came from. He will attempt to appoint cronies to the most important court in the land.....a lifetime appointment. Anyone who dares to question he or his administration will face his wrath. In fact, anyone who dares to question him on anything is considered at the least "unpatriotic" or "supporting terrorism". Excuse me Mr. President, but someone really ought to tell you that you are not a are our employeee....and a Temp. at that !

Your absolutely right. In fact, this well-formed, well-constructed and cogent argument has convinced me not to vote for GW again!
Why is it other presidents have done similar things, but President Bush does it and he is the most evil President in history and has the most "corupt" administration? Bottom line, people hate Bush. He could become a born again liberal tomorrow and everyone on the left would still HATE him.
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