Monday, June 12, 2006


What happened to this woman to make her so nasty??

Ann Coulter is a heinous bitch. I must say I'm as close to "hating" her as I am to almost anyone else in this country (including Dubbya).

In her new book (which I loath to even mention here for fear it might sell a copy) she calls a group of 9/11 widows "broads" and then continues to spew the most fabulous garbage imaginable. "I've never seen people enjoy their husband's deaths so much" is one example of a smart and witty quote from this book. I want to say I have no problem with her criticizing this group of women (as much as I don't agree with her). What I do have a problem with is the disgusting way in which she disagreed. She shows no respect whatsoever for anyone's opinion if they disagree with her or this administration. This is a continuing theme of Ms. Coulter's. Check out some of her quotes from other books (which you can do online for free). Not only does she say these kind of outrageous things on a regular basis, but she flat out lies quite often for these hate filled books she writes. Check out fact checking sites like Spinsanity who do bipartisan fact checks on political candidates and pundits. My hope is that soon someone will sue her for libel and win.

Ms. Coulter is now on her book tour stooping to new lows to sell more copies. I wish she would just go away and we wouldn't have to hear any more of her ludicrous comments. The only way for that to happen is for every talk show, radio host, news organization, and reporter to tell Ms. Coulter when she comes promotin' to not let the door hit her where the good Lord split her.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I've had enough of this guy. I can't take his transparent political ploys, his spin, his shameless full of crap speeches, his mispronunciation of commonly used words and phrases, and that awful Beavis and Butthead cackle. Eeecchhk. The "Eeeuww" factor is at an all time high for me. What is wrong with this guy??!! He has absolutely no shame. What does he personally believe in anyway? I think he has no principles or beliefs of his own. Unless you count as a strongly held belief the way the wind blows when propelled by the latest approval ratings.

Now this renewed call for a ban on gay marriage. Give me a break. Are you telling me that in this time of what is basically now a civil war in Iraq that we can't seem to get out of, an investment of billions of dollars in this war (not to mention thousands of lives and the thousands that have been injured in the war), our national debt at an all time high, the "war on terror", more people incarcerated in the United States than ever before, oil and gas prices at an all time high, an increasing health care all get the picture. Why in the world is this call for an amendment a top priority for this administration. Like I said before.......eechhkk!!

I say it is time for the Gay Mafia to move in and take over this country. It is time for them to implement their Master Plan. And when they do, heterosexual marriages will all be dissolved. Heterosexuals will not be allowed any public displays of affection for fear of prosecution or persecution. There will be no more NFL or NHL or certainly NBA (just kidding - gays like sports too or at least the guys in tight pants). There will be no more tax breaks for heterosexuals. Adoptions by heterosexuals will become illegal in most states although they may be allowed to be foster parents. Heterosexuals will not be allowed to make health care decisions for the ones they love without having a legal contract drawn up. Heterosexuals will walk down the streets in fear of being attacked or killed by intolerant homosexuals.

Of course clear thinking Americans know this is ridiculous (the Gay Mafia would never have such a stupid plan) but can you imagine if the roles were reversed like this - heterosexuals would absolutely revolt at the discrimination. But, that will never happen because heterosexuals are the majority. And this is why we have safeguards like the judicial system to protect the minority from the majority stripping away their rights. Not just any rights, but the equal protection rights we have in the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights and the amendments are not just technicalities. The Founding Fathers made it so hard to pass a new constitutional amendment for a reason. So, you more moderate conservatives, take a stand. Protect the constitution from being highjacked by the far right. Protect our constitution from having discrimination written into it. Finally, protect the minority from this intolerant mob mentality. Tell your leaders to leave this issue alone and focus on what really should be a priority to this administration.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Do we really have the stomach for this???

Wendy Ortiz is a 12 year old girl who was born in this country. Unfortunately for her - her parents were not. Wendy and her two siblings were traveling with their parents 200 miles north of the Mexico border when they were stopped by a U.S. border patrol operation called Operation Desert Denial. This operation was designed to stop drug smuggling into this country. When the border patrol stopped the Ortiz family they asked if everyone in the car was born in this country. I'm not sure what that has to do with whether or not the Ortiz family were potential drug smuggler's - but I'm sure the border patrol was doing a "Hey...while we're at it...". Wendy's parents answered them honestly and were promptly detained and later deported. An aunt from Los Angelos picked up the three children (citizens) later. Wendy hasn't seen her mother since. She has only been to Mexico once before and does not want to live there. She doesn't have to either. She is an American citizen, just like you and me. There are an estimated 3 million US born children living here with at least one parent living here illegally. Do we really have the stomach to split up families and abandon children?

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