Wednesday, April 19, 2006

But of Course He Does.......


Today in a speech, President Bush stated "I decide what is best" when it comes to Donald Rumsfeld.

CNN wrote:
"Recently, six retired generals, including former commanders of two Army divisions that saw combat in Iraq, have called for Rumsfeld to resign. They accuse him of ignoring advice from senior officers about how to fight the war and sending too few troops into Iraq to manage the occupation after the March 2003 invasion.
Those calling for Rumsfeld's resignation are retired Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack, who led the 82nd Airborne Division during its mission in Iraq; former U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Anthony Zinni; retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste, who led the 1st Infantry Division in northern Iraq in 2004-2005; retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton; retired Army Maj. Gen. John Riggs; and retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold."

This is more of the same Bush Administration....Vintage Bush one might even say. He refuses to ever admit a mistake. The recent changes in the White House, for example the announcement of the resignation of Press Secretary Scott McClellan, also speak to Bush's lack of humility. There is no mistake ever admitted - no admission of even a shake-up. Just a resignation with some sort of statement pretending like it has been planned for a long time. Then, there are his choices of people to "sacrifice" in this supposed big shake up. Okay, the Trade Ambassador, the Press Secretary, the Treasury Secretary. What is next - the Secretary of Agriculture? These are the changes the American people are really calling for !!!????

What President Bush really needs is a large slice of humble pie served with a generous scoop of "smart" so when HE DECIDES it will at least be a decision we can all live with including our soldiers in Iraq.

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