Friday, June 02, 2006

Do we really have the stomach for this???

Wendy Ortiz is a 12 year old girl who was born in this country. Unfortunately for her - her parents were not. Wendy and her two siblings were traveling with their parents 200 miles north of the Mexico border when they were stopped by a U.S. border patrol operation called Operation Desert Denial. This operation was designed to stop drug smuggling into this country. When the border patrol stopped the Ortiz family they asked if everyone in the car was born in this country. I'm not sure what that has to do with whether or not the Ortiz family were potential drug smuggler's - but I'm sure the border patrol was doing a "Hey...while we're at it...". Wendy's parents answered them honestly and were promptly detained and later deported. An aunt from Los Angelos picked up the three children (citizens) later. Wendy hasn't seen her mother since. She has only been to Mexico once before and does not want to live there. She doesn't have to either. She is an American citizen, just like you and me. There are an estimated 3 million US born children living here with at least one parent living here illegally. Do we really have the stomach to split up families and abandon children?

apparently we do...
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