Monday, February 19, 2007


Why do you need an Urban Assault Vehicle (aka: Hummer; Navigator; Expedition; fill in the blank with any over sized, boxy truck....) when you live in Leawood or Lee's Summit???
What is the point of it? I am more offended by seeing that then I would be watching people have sex in public. Seriously though....why do you folks need that vehicle? The chances of you being attacked by guns, missiles, grenades in the Town Center Parking lot are fairly minimal. I can understand why folks drive and need a truck. There are times you have to haul things. However, a Hummer or something like that is not practical for hauling anything but your botoxed, over accessorized, fur-coat wearin, soccer-mom self and your bratty, spoiled children. Now, I'm not sayin everyone should have to drive some sort of bio-waste fueled diesel conversion car.....but a Hummer? Seriously.............. Get a life, sell the Ego Wagon and buy yourself some sort of Toyota Hybrid, or even a Mercedes.........please!

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